Complementary skills

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IUSS-Ferrara 1391 promotes and organises a series of side activities aimed to the acquisition of the so-called Complementary Skills, according to the Ministry of Education, University and Research (D.M. 45/2013), as well as, on a global scale, for research and job opportunities worldwide.

Closer to these disciplinary activities made for the Ph.D. Courses, IUSS also promotes the interdisciplinarity of the research and the spread of knowledge.

  • As per the internationalisation that distinguishes IUSS, to all Ph.D. students are given the tools for studying foreign languages.
  • IUSS-Ferrara 1391 organises a series of meetings about the Planning of the Research, the Technological Transfer, Intellectual Property and Communication.

All Ph.D. students must acquire a total amount of 20 credits in the first 2 years of their Course by choosing among the activities offered (together with their Coordinator’s and Tutor’s advice).

On February 8th, 2018 the IUSS Board has established the list of the Complementary Skills available and the time schedules, as follows:





English Lecturship (link) Annual First semester 5
Preparation for linguistic certifications (link) Annual Second Semester 5
Italian Language for foreign studentsC.L.A) Annual Spring and autumn 5
European Planning Annual First/second semester 5
UE Project-Writing Worshop Annual First semester 10
Technological Transfer Annual

Second semester

Information technology/Statistics Biennal Second Semester 5
Science and Research Communication Biennal Second Semester 5

Such initiatives are updated every year.

Check the activities foreseen for the year and those of the previous years.

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