English language courses

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IUSS - Ferrara 1391 organises for all Ph.D. students Lectures for english language.

These are a series of practical lessons with an active involvement from the students in order to prepare them to attend and even talk to meetings in english.

At the end of the lessons the Ph.D. Students who want to, can attend a free preparation course to Cambridge ESOL Examination (FCE/CAE levels).

Time schedule as follows:



March Sending of the information regarding the activation of the English Lecture Course
March/April Placement test at IUSS
April Information to the students who attended the Placement test and information about the work group in which they will be enrolled at.


The acquisition of the 5 credits for the Interdisciplinary Activities (Complementary skills) is bestowed if the student attends at least the 70% of the lessons foreseen.
July Pre-test at IUSS for all the Ph.D. Students who are interested in enlisting to the Cambridge ESOL certification.
August Information about the time schedule for the calendar of the lessons for the students who already took the pre-test.

Preparation to the Certification Course at IUSS.

The participation (highly recommended) does not bestow any credit

Linguistic Certifications according to the schedule of ESOL Cambridge.

The achievement of the Exam bestows 5 credits for side activities. (complementary skills).


NB: Since the ESOL exams take place during Fall/Winter, the result will be available at the beginning of the next year.

Therefore, it is not possible to consider the 5 credits as referring to the solar year taken into consideration in the Annual Report (scheda annuale consuntivo) to be delivered within November 30th.


Lessons will take place at IUSS-Ferrara 1391, Corso Porta Mare 2.

For the covid-19 situation, the lectures are organized online.


Check on the page complementary skills of the current year to keep updated on the dates.