Humanities and Social Studies

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The Doctoral Program in Models, Language, and Tradition in Western Culture is under the auspices of the Department of History.

The coordinator of the doctorate is Professor Angela Andrisano.

Several research themes are developped within this doctorate.

The program of study is composed of the following curriculum:

Italian and Latin Literatures and Philologies

Spanish and German Literatures, Linguistics

Historiography and Territory

Performing Arts: Theater, Music, Cinema

Philosophy and Social Sciences

Education and grouth psichology

Each year, the faculty decides the academic coursework expressly created for the doctorate program and that taken from other courses of study.

The annual plan for the academic activity of each graduate student, proposed by the student and his or her advisor at the beginning of each year, is verified at the end of the year by the faculty during the colloquium that decides admission to the following year or to the final exam.

Credits have to be subdivided according to the regulations of the pertaining Macro-Area. Students of the first year will acquire 10 credits in interdisciplinary activities, 20 credits in macro-area activities and 30 credits within disciplinar activities.

Information on the administrative aspects can be found at the following address: