Who we Are & What We Do

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The University Institute for Higher Studies, IUSS - Ferrara 1391, is a structure that offers university courses at the undergraduate and graduate level with the highest qualification.

It is a center of studies open to italian and international students with the following program:

1) Doctoral courses that prepare graduates to work with elevated qualifications in research activity, both theoretical and applied, on an international level.

2) Courses for high specialisation in professional areas, through Master's Degree Programs and Schools of Specialization, within the framework of European integration.

3) Advanced supplemental courses, that integrate into the standard three-year undergraduate program. In view of internationalization that characterizes IUSS, the Institute will provide all italian students the tools to have a good knowledge of foreign languages and will give specific lessons for all the foreing students in order to learn the Italian language easily and correctly.

From January 2009 IUSS-Ferrara 1391 hosts the Giorgio Bassani Foundation with the aim of promoting the collection, protection, conservation, management and development of documents, as well as the promotion of studies and cultural activities regarding the multiform activities and various interests of the famous writer.

Fundamental characteristics of IUSS - Ferrara 1391 are to make the most of talent using only the highest criteria for the selection of students, an international character based on the involvement of international scholars and students, the opportunity to reside in Ferrara with the creation of a Residential College that is a point of reference for the most deserving Italian and international students, besides being tools of cultural mixing.

Each year IUSS-Ferrara 1391 invites as Copernicus Visiting Scientists Italian scholars resident abroad and international scholars to stay in Ferrara for at least two months, with the aim of achieving excellent teaching standards at an international level.

Download the brochure, to have a look to the IUSS activities and Doctoral Courses!

The Institute of Higher Studies is located in Ferrara, Corso Porta Mare 2.