Doctoral School in Sciences and Technology

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Porf. Massimo Coltorti - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra - Via Saragat, n. 1 - 44100 – Ferrara, tel. 0532/974721 – e-mail (SSD GEO/07)


The Doctorate School in Sciences and Technology aims at forming highly qualified professional researchers in one of the following disciplinary branches, which may also include more specific curricula: Physics, Mathematics and Informatics, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Architecture.

This would allow to each individual PhD to develop projects of basic and applied researches in the above mentioned disciplines and to be profitable employed in public and private research centers, industries, public administration and service societies. 
Throughout this School the PhD student will acquire the expertises needed to develop highly qualified activities in the disciplinary fields of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Architecture. He will become familiar with the scientific method, learning the principles of deductive logic and the basic knowledge instruments. Based on these he could pinpoint the cause-effect relationships and, when possible, reproduce them trough laboratory experiments and numerical modelling. This will allow a more robust and coherent constraints of the parameters that control the natural and human activities processes. For the scientific formation of the student will be of outmost importance to acquire familiarity in the use of technologically advanced instruments and in the frequentation of scientific laboratories and modern libraries in Italy or abroad. 
Based on this robust cultural background the student could develop i) architectural and industrial study projects, ii) manufacturing process planning and analysis needed to move from the project level to licence and industrial development at large scale, iii) analysis of social, economical and environmental sustainability and iv) the synergies which could allow to link scientific and architectural languages with project research and technology of innovative materials. 
The didactic and research activities could be developed by means of the equipments and laboratories of the Physics, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Architecture departments, as well as those present within Italian scientific institutions such as INFN, INFM, CNR, INGV, CINECA, etc. or those of International research centres and universities in partnership with Ferrara University. 
The formation of the PhD student will also require to follow teaching courses, specific seminars, courses shared between different degrees, advanced schools, stages within scientific institutions, preferentially abroad. 
At the end of the PhD program the student could be able to:
a) put forward an autonomous research activity and to obtain original and relevant results;
b) these results could be presented to national and international congresses and/or published on highly ranked international journals;
c) acquire a good communication skill by means of several seminars and occasionally teaching activity;
d) acquire a nice attitude to work within team and interact with other researchers;
e) acquire a robust capability for critical reading of scientific texts and scientific oral and written communications, also in English

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