Doctoral School in Life, Health and Environment Sciences

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Prof. Guido Barbujani - Dipartimento Biologia ed Evoluzione- Sezione di Biologia Evolutiva - Via Luigi Borsari, n. 46 - Università degli studi di Ferrara, tel. 0532/45.5312 e-mail (SSD BIO/18).


Project and aims of the school

The School of Life, Health and Environment sciences of the University of Ferrara strives to provide the highest quality education for students deeply committed to a programme of advanced studies in chemical, environmental, biological and health sciences. Its main goal is to produce scientists who have a deep appreciation of the methods to investigate and understand the living world, and of the tools science provides to protect the environment and improve the quality of human health. At the end of the programme, the students will be able to produce new knowledge by independently planning and developing cutting-edge research in basic or applied science. 
The six PhD programmes in the School of Life sciences cover the areas of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Evolutionary and Environmental Biology; Pharmacology and Molecular Oncology; Biomedical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Pharmaceutical Sciences. The 3 to 4 year programmes provide comprehensive scientific training in leading research laboratories, with state of the art facilities and extensive international collaborations. Funds will be available for both Italian and international students.
Prospective students can choose among various research projects offered by our faculty members. Although each project is firmly rooted in a specific scientific field, students will be exposed to a wide range of interaction with research groups in other scientific areas, so as to develop the ability to cross barriers between disciplines. Laboratory work is accompanied by seminars and elective courses including courses of language and scientific communication. Participation in national or international conferences and workshops will be encouraged and funded.
The research programmes will be developed within the Departments of Biochimica e biologia molecolare, Biologia ed evoluzione, Chimica, Discipline medico-chirurgiche della comunicazione e del comportamento, Medicina Clinica e Sperimentale, Medicina sperimentale e diagnostica, Morfologia ed embriologia, Scienze biomediche e terapie avanzate, Scienze chirurgiche anestesiologiche e radiologiche, e Scienze farmaceutiche. Part of the activities may take place in national and international laboratories, with which Faculty members have ongoing collaborations or exchange programmes. 
Highly qualified candidates are invited to apply. Applicants should hold a MSc (or an equivalent degree) in chemistry, biological sciences, pharmacy, medicine or a related discipline. Candidates will be selected on a competitive basis.

Doctoral courses available in the school:


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