Complemementary skills 2020

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Ph.D. Students belonging to cycle 34 and 35 have to attend complementary skills activities that are organized by IUSS-Ferrara, for a minimum of 20 credits. These credits should be taken during the first two years of their Doctorate course.

IUSS Council decides these activities.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, IUSS is re-organizing the planned activities. We shall publish on this web page all the information and schedule about these activities, and send a relevant email to everyone. Thank You for the kind collaboration. Do not hesitate to contact the IUSS Office if you need further explanations (; 0532/455290; 0532/455286).



Informations and calendar



Italian Language for Foreigners

Spring course (February-March-April) by the Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo (CLA) / University Language Center.


English Lecturship

Due to the emergency health situation, bound to the Covid-19 epidemic, lessons will take place from END-May to the beginning of July 2020, by using an on-line interactive platform.


Within SUNDAY MAY 10, 2020 (12 p.m Italian Time) all interested Ph.D. Students that are interested in attending the Lectorship must:

-       Fill-in the form and send it to

-       Take the online test, following the instruction sheet (Ita; Eng)

Groups (calendar and PhD Students):

Online lessons: ZOOM Platform


Cambridge ESOL Language certificates

  • Preparation lessons (optional, but recommended)

The preparation course is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended for all those who intend to take the Cambridge ESOL exam. The lessons will be organized in september/october (online interactive platform), or at IUSS (if possible, due to the Covid-19 situation).

  • Compulsory Admission Test, in order to be enrolled (at IUSS cost) to the Cambridge ESOL exams: it will be taken during the FIRST preparation lesson

Please note that all those who attend the Lectorship during 2020, but did not take the Cambridge ESOL exam, can write an email to, in order to attend these preparation lessons.

  • ESOL exams November / December:


Written exam date

Oral exam period

On-line results

Certificates release

PET 28/11/2020 28/11/2020


CAE 03/12/2020 03/12/2020


We remind you that all Ph.D. Students who will be enrolled to the Cambridge ESOL language exams at IUSS cost, must take that exam, unless they are sick (medical certificate requested). For any doubt or request, please contact the IUSS Office.


ALL exams are computer-based, in person.

Dates might vary, in case the number of Candidates will be high, in order to guarantee safety measures, as forseen by the regulation for prevention and fight of the spreading of Covid-19 pandemic.

Admission Test (it can be taken only once in the time-frame shown below)

From 08:00 am Sept. 14, 2020

to 11:59 Sept. 15, 2020

Italian hour CEST

(Central Europe Summer Time)


Preparation lessons schedule

From September 22, 2020

PET Calendar

FCE Calendar

CAE 1 Calendar

CAE Calendar

Lessons will be on an online Platform


English for STEM

Scientific English course for Scientific-Technology Ph.D. Courses (Architecture and Urban Planning, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, Earth and Marine Sciences) and those in Biological-Medicine-Life Sciences (Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, Molecular Medicine, Traslational Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies, Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology, Chemistry)

Lecturer: Dr. Claudia Cherubini

- From September 10 to the 30th online – using Google MEET.

- From October 7 to the 28th in person (at IUSS or in another classroom, should it be possible, according to the health situation).IUSS Office will communicate in due time the premises and the rules of conduct to be observed in order to comply with the rules for the prevention and contrast to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Schedule, Prof. Cherubini's CV and other info

Writing and Reading: Sepmteber, online platform

Talking and Listening: IUSS spaces (as soon as will be possible - end of the year)



"From the Academy to the job market"

Seminars given by Find Your Doc

2nd and 3rd Year Ph.D students

IUSS Ferrara 1391 is organizing a course for the 2nd and 3rd year Ph.D. Students about the transition from the Academia to the job market. The course is given by Find Your Doc, an innovative Start-up which has been committed for years to encourage the employment of Research Doctors.

4 workshops (4 hours each) on the following items:

1) Skills and Employability - Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and 2, 2020 - from 3:00 to 5:00 pm;

2) Carrier Transition and Prejudice - Oct. 14, 15 and 16, 2020 - from 3:00 to 5:00 pm;

3) Self-assessment and Orientation - Oct. 28, 29 and 30, 2020 - from 3:00 to 5:00 pm;

4) Values and Conflicts - Nov. 4, 5 and 6, 2020 - from 3:00 to 5:00 pm;

5) "STEM Women and work market" One-hour bonus seminar for Women in STEM Ph.D. Courses - Nov. 9, 2020 - from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.


The course is addressed to Ph.D. Students enrolled in the cycles 33 and 34.


The course is in Italian, with English slides



FYD Flyer


Attending 70% of the lessons (3 out of 4 modules) will allow to be appointed 5 credits for complementary skills

Advanced Computer Sciences and R!

The course consists in seminars aiming to provide an overview of the most used IT and statistical applications in all of the disciplinary areas and it is structured into two parts: a basic course, common to all doctoral students, and several specialized modules, divided by areas or common to all of them.

The course was organized in collaboration with Prof. Lorenzo Pareschi and Prof. Fabrizio Riguzzi, both at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Ferrara University.

Basic Course: IT tools to carry out research projects; Choice of the most suitable working environment and operating system; Use of VPI under Linux; Tools for writing scientific publications (Latex); Metlab; Basic statistics; Tools for the creations of research data-base files; Basic methods for research collaboration, sharing ; Methods and goals of research publication process; Quality evaluation indexes, with specific reference to the evaluation in Italy.

Sci-Tech Area: Theoretical and practical basic data analysis; Data mining; Machine learning; Tools.

Humanities Area: Computerized cataloguing and archiving; Data-base; How to convey scientific research.

Biological-Medicine-Life Sciences: Insights on the most popular IT systems and on dedicated data-bases; Useful data-bases in the biological scientific field; Sequences comparison: methodologies description, and their relevant use to the alignments problem; Multi-alignments and similarity research in biological data-bases.

R! specialist module: Introduction to the R! environment; Basic installation; Data management; Objects: structure, functioning, class/modes, indexing; Basic and accessory graphic funcitons; Examples of multivariate analysis; Personal projects and insights.

November 2020 and January 2021

Schedule to be decided.

Personal computer needed



  • PhD Students that will attend 70% of lesson hours (Basic course + Specific Area Course) will be assigned 5 credits
  • PhD Students that will attend 70% of lesson hours (Basic course + Specific Area Course + R! Specific module) will be assigned 6 credits
  • PhD Students that will attend more Specific Area Courses (i.e. Sci-Tech and Biological-Medicine-Live Sciences) will be assigned further credits, to be decided with their Course Coordinator


How to convey research

2020 Second semester (end of the year).

The laboratory will follow, at the beginnign of 2021, for all the interested PhD students that already have attended the base course.



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