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Student accomodation

IUSS-Ferrara 1391 has its own student accommodation, which comprises a social and cultural centre allowing PhD students to stay in Ferrara and get to know students from other universities in Italy and abroad.

Not all PhD students will be allocated accommodation automatically.

Interested parties should download the application form for admission to IUSS student accommodation and return it by the specified deadline.


PhD students accommodated in the residences that are either forfeited or decide to withdraw they MUST SUMBIT a letter to IUSS-Ferrara 1391 Secretariat , in order to communicate their new position.



We would like to inform you that several rooms inside the IUSS Residence will be available from the beginning of May 2017.

Unife PhD students (priority yo the XXXII cycle) interested to be accommodated with IUSS reduced prices, must fill out the “request form, and send it to the email account segreteria_iuss@unife.it, within Friday 16 December 2016.

The accommodation ranking list will be published considering the resolution of the IUSS Council, session  of 18th December 2013, it will be edited considering the following criteria:

1) Residence

- 10 points for place of residence in Italy out of the range of 100 km;

- 15 points for the place of residence abroad.

2) Provenience

- 10 points for a degree awarded by an Italian University, different from UNIFE;

- 15 points for a degree awarded by foreign University.

3) Financial support

- 15 points if the candidate don't have the Official Italian fellowship for Ph.D courses, and/or any kinds of financial support which gross amount is equal or greater than the official Italian fellowship (€ 1.136,54).

In case of equal points, would succeed the candidate with the highest score in the doctoral admission exam.

The room will be assigned to the candidate for the whole doctoral triennium and the following four months. It must be delivered within the end of the month when the final defense occurs.

To be hosted:

Ph.D. students who have the Official Italian fellowship and/or any kind of financial support which gross amount is equal or greater than the official Italian fellowship for Ph.D courses (€ 1.136,54), must pay 210 Euros monthly, following the given instructions.

- Ph.D. students who don't have the Official Italian fellowship or any kind of financial support which gross amount is equal or greater than the official Italian fellowship for Ph.D courses (€ 1.136,54), must pay 110 Euros monthly, following the given instructions.

The selected Ph.D students must keep the accommodation at least till December 2017.


2017_ accommodation ranking list

2017_Acceptance form


Stay Abroad mobility grants - 2016  


YEAR 2016

For students enrolled in the second and third year PhD courses (XXIX, XXX and XXXI cycles).

The scholarships finance a period abroad, in order to complete the PhD thesis, improve the knowledge and the possibilities of success of the doctoral research, collaborating with foreign Institutions.



(For English version, please contact segreteria_iuss@unife.it)

Important: all international students interested in applying, are pleased to send an email to IUSS Secretariat, that would give further information, in English.

Are you a winner of the Stay Abroad scholarship?

As soon as you finish the month/s you won  (no more than 15 days) send to segreteria_iuss@unife.it the following document:

  • Report (in Pdf) of the activities done during the period abroad (researches, aims, conclusions..), addressed to Prof. Massimo Coltorti, IUSS-Ferrara Director, and signed by the Phd student and tutor/Coordinator.

Only when IUSS will receive the report, the University will be able to pay the scholarship.

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